Real Canadian Democracy

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IF we make it so; the world will follow.

Real Canadian Democracy is only a political platform at this time, in need of your contributions in every form if we are to bring this concept into our Canadian Way and set an example the world will choose to follow.

There is no limit or restrictions on cash contributions or infrastructure/logistical needs at this time as we are not yet a registered political party and have not fielded any candidates. Therefore we are not governed by any acts of parliament ; however we also do not have charitable tax deduction status and you can not deduct contributions from your tax at this time.

Perhaps of greater value will be the contributions of thought, comments and concerns that you choose to express on this site and with others.

We are in the process of setting up a internet forum on this site to allow everyone to begin this important task of devising a forum democracy system that can be brought into the house of commons and allow our elected representatives to turn it into a law/act that empower's the will of the people.

For now you may contact me by emailing

Clinton D. Hunter